Let's work together!

Well hello there. It seems you want to work at Meteopress. I want to warn you, it’s not for everyone. Actually, on the contrary - it’s only for a few. For several reasons:

We are a smaller company, and we want to keep it that way. We want to know each other, help each other, and work together. We actually like each other.

It’s intense - we develop quickly, iterate quickly, and deliver the fastest on the market. We like to challenge everything, all the time. Don’t like pressure? Probably look somewhere else for the warm embrace of a corporation.

We are brilliant. Meaning, in order to qualify, you have to be brilliant as well.

We don’t like being overseen, and we don’t like bosses. So we are also not good at bossing people around. You have to be able to set your tasks, work on them, test them on and with colleagues, and deliver.

But some good news:

Saving the world - actually, really - if we do our job well, fewer people will die, and fewer people will suffer.

Direct communication - want to talk to the boss? Here he is. Want to challenge a decision and have a well-reasoned argument? Shoot.

We pay well - we don’t overpay, but you will be at the top of the wage range in your category, and you will co-own the company through our ESOP plan.

Below are a few listed positions that we actively seek, but even if you do not find one matching the description, give us a call, and if you are brilliant, we will find a space for you.

HW engineer / geek
DSP developer
DevOps engineer
Full stack SW developer
AI engineer

About Us

A disruptor in the radar industry, C-band, S-band, and X-band Dual-polarization Doppler weather radars are the most important division of the company with more than 35 radars deployed in the last 7 years. Meteopress’s radars have the lowest carbon footprint on the market. With a lightweight construction design and very low power consumption, they can be powered by solar. That all brings the costs of radar deployment to the minimum. Thanks to agile development, we can offer virtually unlimited capacity and very short delivery times. A strong in-house AI team is bringing previously impossible products, with super-precise precipitation nowcasting, satellite nowcasting, ENS NWP AI forecasting. Meteopress AI-REN SW can solve other issues as well, fill the gaps in radar composites, fill the blockages by physical obstacles in radar coverage, and solve the wind turbine disturbances. Trusted by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, ZAMG, Austrian weather service, the Czech government, and dozens of other clients from diverse fields of insurance, media, government meteorology, and energetics. Meteopress is based in the Czech Republic and has a 30 years history of reliable operations.

Meteopress has always supported and adheres to anti modern slavery and human trafficking policies.

We promote the equality of men and women in the workplace, select our employees on the basis of their skills and experience alone, provide a safe and supportive work environment and respect local labour laws wherever we operate. We similarly do our best to ensure our suppliers are reputable, like minded companies that respect their employees and pay them properly. We have also familarised ourselves with the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) and confirm that the principles of it agree with existing policies and ethos of our business.

Metopress fully complies with Czech and EU anti-discrimination laws, laws for protection of competition, privacy protection laws, laws on protection of employees and laws on environmental protection and waste disposal.


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