Weather radars & AI nowcasting
We offer full range of top quality Dual Polarization Weather Radars and Artificial Intelligence tools to enhance your nowcasting capabilities.

Mission Statement:

Our vision is to protect people everywhere from the effects of climate change and dangerous weather.

Weather radars

We are developing affordable carbon-neutral C-band weather radar solutions deployable anywhere in the world and for any business model. While our pricing is extremely competitive, the quality of our data is at least equal or better than competitors’.

AI Nowcasting

To increase precision, we have developed the Meteopress AI Nowcasting software, which enables us to improve short-term forecasts (nowcasting) by up to 42% and medium-range forecasts by 19%.

Automatic AI

Radars and AI nowcasting are integrated into an automatic AI warning system (AI-SWAPS, or Severe Weather Alert Protection System). Our warnings regularly outperform state-issued warnings in highter hit-rate and lower false-positive criteria.

What can we do for you

MetOffice / Weather Co.

MetOffice / Weather Co.

TV & Online

TV & Online

Universities & Research

Universities & Research



Gov / Civil Prot. agencies

Gov / Civil Prot. agencies

  • Andreas Schaffhauser

    Andreas Schaffhauser

    Acting director of ZAMG, the Austrian Meteorological Office

    We are very happy with the radar project results so far and there are plans to continue and expand on it in the near future.

  • Martin Zacek

    Martin Zacek

    CEO Uniqa CZ & SK

    We have been working with Meteopress in Czech Republic and Slovakia for many years, they provide their top severe weather warning system to our clients and keep developing it. They are a partner we can rely on.

  • Marcos Massari

    Marcos Massari

    CEO Somar Meteorologia, Sao Paolo, Brasil

    We are very happy with both the cooperation with Meteopress/Meteosense and the radar itself. Its value for money and performance exceeded our expectations.

  • Roland Kubina

    Roland Kubina

    Head of news and programming, TV JOJ, SK

    When switching to professional meteorological show on our tv, the best thing that could have happened was to meet Michal Najman from Meteopress. We have been very satisfied with their services for 13 years.

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Weather radars

C-band, X-band, S-band

Meteopress is proud to introduce a fully Solid-State SW based C-band, X-band and S-band weather radars.

They feature Dual-Polarization, Doppler and 3D Volumetric scanning. Single platform that allows to choose between the band.

Easy to install, light and rigid structure, ultra low life-cycle costs thanks to advanced GaN solid-state power amplifiers operating in C-Band, X-band, S-band frequencies range with COTS components and fully remote autonomous operation.

  • SW Based Radar
  • In-house Solid-State
  • Infinite-speed Doppler
  • RadarCrate deployment
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Mobile Automatic Self Erecting Container

It features a 5kW C-band Dual Polarization radar with 2.4m antenna (1.7deg beam width).

It is housed in a standard High Cube 20ft container frame allowing it to be transported and deployed by non-specialised, generic transport truck & crew. When reaching the location, MASEC RadarCrate self-deploys its stabilizing legs, erects a tower and starts scanning with 360° rotation.

  • Fully automatic deployment
  • 2.4m C-BAND w/Dual Polarisation
  • Elevation scanning -2deg to + 55deg
  • 7m automatic hydraulic tower system Automatic 4 leg self levelling system
  • Housed in standard 20ft High Cube container Power requirements - standard 48V or 210-240V
X-BAND Radar
X-BAND Radar

Radar Crate

- the easiest installation of a large radar system

Meteopress is proud to introduce a fully solid-state GaN C-Band radar product line. It features Dual-Polarisation, Doppler, and 3D volumetric scanning.

Easy to install, light and rigid structure, ultra low life-cycle costs thanks to advanced GaN solid-state power amplifiers operating in C-Band frequency range, COTS components and fully remote autonomous operation.

  • 1
    Weather Radar:
    Meteopress C-band or X-band radar - antenna sizes from 1.2m up to 4.5m
  • 2
    Starlink internet:
    primary source of data transfer or back-up source
  • 3
    Solar panels:
    source of electricity as a primary source or back-up source
  • 4
    Base Tower:
    height from 3m - 20m / delivered inside the containers
  • 5
    Standard Shipping Containers:
    20 ft or 40 ft versions based on the required height of the tower.
    1) delivery,
    2) Tower Base
  • 6
    AirConditioning Units: Optional
  • 7
    Weather and Security cameras
  • 8
    Inside the Containers after deployment:
    • I) Energy Power Wall (Battery rack)
    • II) Spare Radar components
      • a) mechanical components
      • b) radio components
      • c) radome parts
    • III) Service Lounge/Back Room with basic work space, emergency sleeping arrangement, storage

AI Nowcasting

Solving the challenges of weather nowcasting using custom-made in-house developed AI techniques, neural networks and data processing methods with low computational resources requirements.



The most precise radar echo nowcasting model backed by in-house neural network. Proven increase of accuracy in cell location and intensity prediction overperforming industry-standard models by a significant margin.



The world's first public geo-stationary satellite realtime nowcasting.

AI Ensamble

AI NWP Ensemble

NWP model output generated by AI powered model from NWP ensamble runs input. Increased NWP prediction precision by 14%.

Automatic Severe Weather Warning

Once you get great radar data, you can have great radar prediction. You can add satellite prediction, station data and feed it to our AI Ensemble Nowc. to utilise the combined power of NWP Model Ensemble data and neural networks, you are only one step away from an Automatic Warning System.

Our warning systems automatically evaluates the outputs from all prediction systems and triggers warnings ahead of the dangerous weather events.

Warnings are then delivered to users via API or bespoke weather Apps.

Station Data

Automatic AI
Warning System

End User

About Us

A disruptor in the radar industry, C-band, S-band, and X-band Dual-polarization Doppler weather radars are the most important division of the company with more than 35 radars deployed in the last 7 years. Meteopress’s radars have the lowest carbon footprint on the market. With a lightweight construction design and very low power consumption, they can be powered by solar. That all brings the costs of radar deployment to the minimum. Thanks to agile development, we can offer virtually unlimited capacity and very short delivery times. A strong in-house AI team is bringing previously impossible products, with super-precise precipitation nowcasting, satellite nowcasting, ENS NWP AI forecasting. Meteopress AI-REN SW can solve other issues as well, fill the gaps in radar composites, fill the blockages by physical obstacles in radar coverage, and solve the wind turbine disturbances. Trusted by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, ZAMG, Austrian weather service, the Czech government, and dozens of other clients from diverse fields of insurance, media, government meteorology, and energetics. Meteopress is based in the Czech Republic and has a 30 years history of reliable operations.

Meteopress has always supported and adheres to anti modern slavery and human trafficking policies.

We promote the equality of men and women in the workplace, select our employees on the basis of their skills and experience alone, provide a safe and supportive work environment and respect local labour laws wherever we operate. We similarly do our best to ensure our suppliers are reputable, like minded companies that respect their employees and pay them properly. We have also familarised ourselves with the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) and confirm that the principles of it agree with existing policies and ethos of our business.

Metopress fully complies with Czech and EU anti-discrimination laws, laws for protection of competition, privacy protection laws, laws on protection of employees and laws on environmental protection and waste disposal.


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